Kerry van Huyssteen Guest Speaker

In a time-starved world, Kerry fascinates her audiences in workshop sessions tailored to suit her audience and their time. In her interactive sessions, the focus quickly shifts from external stimulations, to an internal interest in themselves as physical and spiritual beings. Kerry has developed a range scientifically-grounded tools which she uses to guide individuals and groups on an inspiring and motivating path of self-discovery.

As we are all unique, the content and structure of Ember Connects workshops can be customised to suit the event being planned. For some further diversity and interest, workshops can be tailored to include:

  • Specialised Kinesiology: what it is, how it works and a demonstration of muscle monitoring. This includes an interactive and practical session where delegates learn how to recognise their own body’s response to different emotions and food groups – focusing on those aspects that may cause stress.
  • A fascinating and fun Chirology workshop where delegates are taught how to understand the symbolism of their own and others hands.
  • The Enneagram: please see the information under the correlating tab
  • An inspiring, empowering and thought provoking Firewalk as an evening event; this can be a standalone event or added to a workshop.
What our Clients say…


“On behalf of the YPO Durban Chapter Spouse’s, we extend our absolute gratitude and thanks and for the amazing presentation on Kinesiology you made to the ladies over the two days of the YPO Durban Spouse Retreat held at Indigo Fields on 24 – 25 May 2018.

You were absolutely amazing, insightful and shared valuable knowledge with the ladies that left them hungry for some more. The interaction, sharing, engaging and learning was hugely beneficial. Your warm personality, energy, enthusiasm and ability to gauge the audience, made the ladies feel extremely comfortable and relaxed.

Thank you for “Balancing everyone’s Chi”.”

– Sala Price – Chapter Manager The Young Presidents Organisation Durban Chapter & YPO Gold Durban Chapter


“(the) Enthusiasm Kerry delivered her message loaded with new information in such a clear and concise way …every detail made this event a 10 for me.  The resource was very informative, engaging and interesting. There was a great deal of take home value for me personally. Magnificent natural surroundings enhanced the amazing learning experience with Kerry. The resource was very informative and inspiring and I learnt a lot. Very out the box and great.”

YPO Durban