“Feel more alive”


About Kerry Van HuyssteenWith a desire to share her knowledge and help clients to understand themselves more fully, Kerry van Huyssteen draws on a number of modalities in her health consultancy, Ember Connect.

Kerry has a broad base of training so is able to draw on techniques from many different non-invasive modalities, such as Specialised Kinesiology, different psychological theories, Chinese medicine and the five elements, acupressure, neuro-organisational technique, counselling, essences and chirology. Kerry is also currently completing her training as a TYLEM Practitioner (Transform Your Life Through Energy Medicine) with Energy Medicine Partnerships, South Africa.

After graduating with a degree in Psychology and Communications, Kerry began her career in counselling and practised in South Africa before working overseas. Clients’ response to Specialised Kinesiology treatments convinced her of the treatment’s effectiveness, and motivated her to become an Active Specialised Kinesiologist in 2005.

Practising from her busy health consultancy located in Durban North, Kerry loves working with other practitioners in the Natural Health profession and is passionate about combining different approaches. Her areas of special interests include fertility, working with children and helping clients identify and change destructive patterns.

Over the years, Kerry has helped many clients recognise and shift unsupportive beliefs systems. These experiences prompted her to train as a Firewalking Facilitator through the Phoenix Foundation. This internationally recognised foundation has successfully facilitated more than 50 000 firewalks.

Kerry identified a need among her clients for more meaningful, authentic relationships. She recently developed a Enneagram course which can be run as a standalone seminar, or as part of a Firewalk experience.