“Find life’s best solutions in knowing yourself and others better.”

When we take a step towards a deeper understanding of ourselves, we increase our capacity for having more meaningful relationships with others.

Every one of us is a complex combination of belief systems, value systems and past experiences. In our daily interactions, even with our partners and those we know well, we can battle to say what we mean, misinterpret one another and get tripped up by our own miscommunication and false assumptions.

Kerry and Jane have developed an interactive, informative workshop which gives delegates the tools to understand themselves better, and build more meaningful relationships with others – at work, at home, or even socially.

This course is suitable for individual clients, or for conscious couples wanting improve their relationships.

Enneagram Workshops


The Enneagram is an insightful entry point for self-discovery. This insightful process guides delegates in recognising which of nine archetypes fits their dominant style. Your Enneagram style does not define you but will give you a rich new perspective on your worldview and the way in which you think, feel and act.

By understanding what shapes your approach to life, you can explore practical ways to find more balance, recognise your blind spots and build on the positive characteristics of your style. Although you might find that different aspects of your style feature more prominently in different phases and circumstances in your life, your Enneagram style will not change.

An experienced Enneagram practitioners, Kerry and Jane will help you find practical ways to apply your feedback to your own particular journey. Through a deeper understanding or ourselves, we improve the quality of all our relationships, with partners, family and at work.

Kerry and Jane - Enneagram Workshops

The next Enneagram Workshop is on Saturday the 23rd of October 2021, please email us on kerry@emberconnect.co.za or call us on 084 404 8374 for more information.