Hello awesome family, friends, clients and fellow beings! Thank you for being a part of my journey and for helping me to become what I am today. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to share thoughts, ideas and techniques on this public forum.

It came to me in a moment of clarity that in many ways blogging is like painting. One of my many loves is art, to view it and create it. My wise art teachers (whom I have not seen for far too long!), John and Ingrid Smith, taught me to see beauty in the everyday. When I was actively painting and sketching I was always looking for interesting and beautiful scenes to use as inspiration – when you think about it most paintings are of everyday things. This kind of “tunes” your eye into seeing beauty and the extraordinary all around you; it’s the most wonderful way to view the world. I will still look at a sunrise and try to work out the intricacies of which colours I would use to paint it, when I drive past a fence post I see the way the sun is catching the grass, the shadows and it’s form.

It’s been a remarkably similar journey starting with a blog. While I have it on excellent authority that many people blog (just about every teenager seems to nowadays!) it never occurred to me before to do so. It’s been such a great experience even starting to get topics together, and as I will focus on uplifting and informative information I am now “tuned in” to all the wisdom and inspiration out there. Yeeha! Bring it on! So I would encourage you as the reader to follow a similar path, it changes our perception of the world when we’re looking for the beauty, focusing on inspiration and searching for wisdom. I look so forward to walking this road with you all.