“I am able to control only that which I am aware of. That which I’m unaware of controls me. Awareness empowers me.” John Whitmore

With a passion for people and their development into optimal wellness Jane Brown shares her knowledge and experience within the Enneagram field. Jane believes the process to optimal wellbeing in an increasingly pressurised world begins with self-awareness – development of our own self-awareness, awareness of vulnerabilities and strengths as well as greater empathy and awareness of others and their journeys.

Jane graduated from UCT with a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing and worked in the marketing world in Zimbabwe and Johannesburg. After moving to Durban and having children she shifted her focus and is currently completing her Honours in Counselling Psychology. This was largely influenced by her long-term interest and study of the Enneagram and shifts she has seen through this system. Jane is an accredited Integrative Enneagram Facilitator.

The Integrative Enneagram offers unparalleled depth of insight into enneagram types, personality, motivation and self-limiting beliefs, creating the potential for accelerated, integrative and sustainable development in individuals, teams or organisations.

The iEQ9 Enneagram Test and Professional Reports offer the most accurate and technically robust Enneagram assessment tools to support you and your clients’ developmental journeys. Their adaptive, intelligent questionnaires integrate the art and science of self-discovery and transformation with intelligent cutting-edge technology.

Jane’s aim is to guide people into holistic wellbeing through self-exploration, challenging unsupportive belief systems and realising our gifts within a balanced lifestyle.

Jane has partnered with Kerry to offer Enneagram workshops to clients looking to understand themselves and others more deeply and develop more authentic relationships. They also offer workshops for Corporate groups.

Jane Brown