“Let your natural intelligence be your guide.”


Chirology is, quite simply, the study of your hands. For many people this brings to mind a dark dingy caravan, a “fortune teller” and a crystal ball…. for Kerry, this is could not be further from her reality, she sees Chirology as a way of really understand yourself and how you function. Every single aspect of your hand means something and symbolises something, so it’s like a road map to your mind and we can all learn to “read” it.

This course is especially beneficial for anyone working in a therapeutic or managerial environment but just about anybody with an interest in themselves and others would benefit from the course. This course will be offered from the second half of 2015.

The aim of the workshop is for you to get to know yourself on a different level. Your hands are going to show you a side of yourself that you may not have thought of, considered or known before. The bonus is that you can then use the information you have learnt about yourself to apply to others as well. The insights you will gain may sometimes feel like nothing new, in this respect you would be right, they are not “new” they are you.

It is very easy to read someone’s hand, and for them to feel great after you have done so. It’s also very easy to read someone’s hand and for them to feel terrible….Every trait has its positive side, and not so desired side. If you name all the undesirable traits you find on a hand, you are really taking somebody apart and that is something that is never necessary. Kerry’s goal is to empower each person and impart knowledge to help them in their daily lives.

As we go through the manual and the workshop we will also understand more and more about the importance of the hand as a whole, not just a combination of little pieces.
One of the real benefits of being able to read hands is that you can use it to confirm something that the person has always known, but never dared to believe. “Having it in their hands” is for some people proof that it must be true and therefore they start acting like it. The subconscious couldn’t be happier than for you to be, and become, more of who you really are.

The aim is to find a way of giving people back a choice, other options and a renewed or, for some, even a completely new, faith in themselves. It is one of the miracles Kerry has found in Chirology. You can use what you see in their hands to build them up. You do that by talking to them about their talents and abilities, which they carry with them wherever they go and that cannot be taken from them. Sometimes the only thing they need to do is to start using what is so obviously there.

People have the answers inside of them, and you can use their Chirology to have them come up with their own answers, to their strengths and their way of doing life.


What our clients say…

“Hi Kerry,
Just wanted to say thank you for an interesting workshop last week.I really enjoyed the day and having the takeaway manual has made it easy the review what was covered.
Thanks again!

Michelle Murry”


For details on the next Chirology Course please email us on kerry@emberconnect.co.za or call us on 082 650 5538.